11 Ways Allan Will Add Value

Allan will go above and beyond to deliver value and guarantee ROI for his clients. He will exceed your expectations or he'll return again and again until he does.

11 Ways Allan Will Deliver More Value And Increased R.O.I. For Your Next Meeting, Event, Conference, Seminar or Convention.

Allan Karl provides additional value as a keynote speaker

1Use social media to connect and engage with attendees before the event

By getting to know the audience better before the meeting, Allan will be able to use this key insight to engage the audience during his keynote.

2Give audience immediate actionable takeaway

For example, Allan will provide audience with oversized postcards
of stunning photographs from all over the world. This will reinforce an important message in all of Allan’s keynotes and programs: the importance to connect with people—employees, managers, suppliers and customers—beyond the email, voicemail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn nature of our hectic lives. These postcards provide an actionable takeaway that Allan will get them to use prior to closing the keynote. Pre-paid postage can be included.

3Provide a unique giveaway to be incorporate into program

Based on client input, meeting theme and other factors, Allan will provide a meaningful and memorable giveaway to someone in the audience or management team. The presentation will be spontaneous and offer another way to engage the audience in a fun and entertaining manner.

4Stunning Photography & Dynamic Video

While audiences are enthralled with Allan’s storytelling ability, he will provide audio and visual delights to create a more experiential keynote and tie in themes as required.

5Pre-event conference calls & onsite meetings

Allan will work and consult with the event/meeting planner, production company and senior management to identify and leverage every opportunity to enhance his participation and to ensure that the objectives and goals assigned to him are exceeded.

6Pre-event research

Based on information gathered during conference calls, meetings and through social media interaction with attendees, Allan will conduct further research to gain more insight into the event, audience and identify opportunities that will help ensure a successful event.

7Provide content for pre and post event newsletter, blog or brochure

Allan will write a custom article to be published prior to or after the meeting. He will also provide graphical support for the article such as photographs, icons or illustrations.He can also do a pre-event video that can be targeted at attendees and prospective attendees to create anticipation and excitement for the event. This is a good way to market for increased registrations.

8Host A Breakout Session

While my keynote presentation is powerful and engaging, there’s nothing like a follow-up session to get into the nitty gritty details of our topic. Since you’ve already brought Allan to your meeting, event or conference it makes sense to include him in a breakout session or seminar.

Be Your MC, Master of Ceremonies

To capitalize on the energy of the keynote and the humor Allan brings to his talks, Allan can be the master of ceremonies throughout the entire meeting. This keeps the energy, consistency and fun everyday.

10Discounted training program, teleseminar or workshop

To ensure that the messages and inspiration Allan shares provide a lasting outcome for attendees, Allan will offer post event workshop, teleseminar or training session at a fifty-percent (50% off) discount. Host a series of these for even great savings.

11Panel Participation or Moderator

If you’re having a panel discussion as part of the events or your meeting or conference, Allan can serve as a guest panelist and/or a moderator. His unique style, quick wit and dynamic personality will make the panel more engaging, exciting and relevant.

These are just 11 ways Allan can add more value to your next meeting. For information on a dozen more ways Allan can help you, contact us for a free consultation.

An inspirational speaker who understands what meeting and event planners are looking for in a professional keynote speaker for sales meetings, conferences, seminars and conventions.