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Five Reasons Why Trying Something New Will Change Your Life

If you lack motivation and drive, it’s time to reset your creativity, fire up your synapses, and turn yourself around. You can do this simply by trying something new—different.


The Most Precious Gift

Those who know me well have heard me say this time and time and again. The most precious gift you can give anyone is your time. Likewise, time is the most precious thing someone can give you.


Five Ways You Can Be More Happy, Bring More Success, and Make Your Dreams Come True

What makes you happy? What will you do to focus more on doing those things that make you happy?


Why Being Happy and Your Happiness Will Bring You Success

Too often we fall into a trap of believing that we will be more happy when we have more—success, money, status, fame or other external measures.


Fear Marketing & Why It’s Okay To Fail.

With my gift already on its way to Mom for this weekend’s annual honor for those women that raised us, I was surprised and put off by a marketing offer I received this week from big box warehouse giant, Costco.


Around-the-world motorcycle adventure turns into an adventure in publishing and crowdfunding.

What inspires us to wander and wonder, to pursuit our passion or to push our minds and bodies beyond the limits?


If Price Is All You Can Sell, Your Value Will Spiral Down the Abyss

The next time your sales team wants to compete based on price, resist the draw to fall into the trap because you’ll fall and keep falling and find extreme difficulty in getting out.


Simple Pleasures.

I’m hardly a creature of habit, but there are those things I often revisit that serve as a reminder to me that perhaps I should make a habit of paying more attention.