The Setbacks.

“I've always told my teams that problems are merely opportunities in disguise. Just sometimes we seem to be overwhelmed by opportunity. That's a problem that's easy to fix!”

I figured the trip would take me two years; however, I didn’t plan on crashing my motorcycle and crushing my leg on a muddy road, 14,000-feet high in the Bolivian Andes, in the middle of nowhere.

While I was devastated by this painful and potentially abrupt end to my journey, dozens of strangers kept my spirit alive by their selfless succor to my safety and well-being. After an agonizing recovery period, I returned to Bolivia, fetched my bike, and continued my journey.

My journey lasted three years and despite other accidents and setbacks, I eventually found my way back home to California. While my journey was never short on adventure, I found that beyond climbing mountains, rafting mighty rivers, or tracking mountain gorillas near the Congo, there was no greater thrill than making connections, and sharing experiences, food and lively conversation with the new friends I made along the way. Too often travelers and domestic dwellers alike are afraid to step outside their comfort zones, and as such, they never get a chance to experience and celebrate the cultural differences that can enrich our lives — and energize and invigorate us to strive and succeed.

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