Listen to just a few of the things Allan learned after he left his successful career as a digital marketing and branding strategist behind…

Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You

And Other Lessons from Allan Karl Following His Journey Around the World

This is an interview I did with Shawn Ellis, the president of The Speakers Group, one of the country's leading speakers bureuas and a bureau I've had the pleasure to service many of its clients. Shawn goes the extra mile to makes sure The Speakers Group clients are served and satisfied. He's the same way with his speakers. This is just one of many podcast interviews you can find on The Speakers Group Website.

Allan Karl WorldRider Interview

On today’s episode of the Better Life, Better Business podcast, Shawn Ellis, founder of The Speakers Group, asks Allan Karl for his best advice on how to overcome fear, thrive in the midst of change, build better relationships and conduct business globally.

It may sound like an odd combination of topics, but these are just a few of the things Allan learned when he left his successful marketing career behind — he founded one of the top 50 digital advertising firms in the nation — and traveled around the world… alone… on his motorcycle.

Over the course of three years, traveling across five continents and through 35 countries — more than 62,000 miles — Allan learned some lessons that will help YOU be more effective in your life and business… right where you are… today.

Among the questions Allan answers in this interview:
  1. Now that you’re back from your adventure, what did you learn that can help the rest of us in our personal and professional lives?
  2. How did you find common ground and make strong connections with such diverse people around the world? (HINT: His answer will help you relate to your co-workers and customers, too)
  3. How must we look at change to keep from feeling overwhelmed and afraid? (These are some of the same tips Allan shares with managers to help them teach/train/inspire their employees through change)
  4. Why must we not default to the “safe route”?

And more!


Allan Karl WorldRider Interview

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