What audiences and clients are saying about Allan's keynotes.

Here you can check out what clients and audiences are saying about Allan’s presentations and how they are reacting to his keynote addresses. His story is fresh, crosses borders and relevant to our increasingly more global lives. He is one of the most unique speakers available today.Free Consultation

Allan’s story and keynote represents a unique glimpse into aspects of the human spirit that are often forgotten (or at least neglected) in our fast-paced society. Throughout his tale of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, Allan Karl weaves together themes of passion, risk, trust and endurance, all in pursuit of a common human need: connection. Allan’s approach to storytelling – which is timed perfectly to compelling video, photos and animations—is one that inspires the audience to challenge the status quo and the common perceptions of ambition, security and belief. WorldRider is an experience that poses big questions…and delivers answers that strengthen the character of those who choose to listen and expand their horizons. – Tom Adamski | President & CEO | Level Studios
Anyone who has the guts to ride into the most dangerous part of Colombia, follow the Nile River in Sudan and negotiate with Syrian officials to gain entrance into their country has a lot to say about the world and about our lives here. – M.A. – Washington, D.C.
I’ve seen Allan speak on two occasions. Once at BMW and the other at the Apple Inc. headquarters. Both times I came away with great inspirations and a renewed perspective on the world. Allan has a real gift for delivering messages of hope and quest. His adventures on roads less traveled offer a unique vision. – Mark D. | Apple, Inc.
Allan has done it. He’s a successful entrepreneur, coach, mentor and has succeeded where others have failed. Now he’s done it again: around the world on a motorcycle—you’ve got to see this guy speak! – P.O.D. – Eugene, Oregon

Allan Karl spoke to a special group of our customers and employees who all were deeply engaged by Allan’s presentation. He was able to do more than simply keep our attention; he made us feel as if we were part of the journey. Allan certainly has a compelling story. However, to truly inspire, the storyteller must be an effective communicator as well. Allan inspires and motivates on all counts with a wonderfully delivered presentation. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to inspire, motivate or entertain any audience. – Gary Orr | San Diego BMW

Beautiful photographs. I just love the stories of people—our humanity—and the diversity in our world. I’ve seen a lot of inspiring speakers, but Allan is the best motivational speaker I’ve ever seen. – A.N. – Rochester, New York
Mr. Karl’s story opens the mind, stirs the body and excites the soul.  Within the first 60 seconds, the audience is enraptured in a well-honed presentation, perfectly timed with multimedia for maximum impact.  More than your standard inspirational speaker, WorldRider is a thrilling journey — a gift to the listener with intrigue in which the imagination can soar.  And in this society that relishes instant communication, what’s better than a break from the norm to take a journey into a world that is very much human, present and real — yet provides immediate gratification? – Gary P | Quicksilver, Inc.

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