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We are all on this road together.

Sometimes it seems we are all on different journeys, coming from different places, and have different goals or objectives.

After spending years on the road, I’ve realized that breaking down the silos and differences that separate us is the key to untold opportunity. All of my best stories and interactions come from a time when I have been forced to look beyond stereotypes and preconceived notions to see what lies beneath the surface.

When navigating a new challenging road, the most significant gift you can receive is the kinship and connection you find along the way. You’ll learn that despite our preconceived differences, we all share more in common than different and that strangers can quickly become your biggest allies and supporters.

From the C-Suite to the open road. These are some of my biggest lessons.

Make the Move
You can’t make progress on anything if you are afraid to move. So make your journey an adventure and move beyond.

Adapt as Best You Can
Change is inevitable. You are only judged by how you deal with it. Show resilience by accepting and embracing difficult decisions.

See the Power in Connection
Your greatest gift is seeing what others bring to your journey. Remind yourself there are no strangers, only friends, customers, and partners you haven’t met.

The road won’t always be easy. You can’t get out without going through. 

When you intend to be astounding, do astounding things and honor what’s astounding in everyone else, you create immediate rapport, break down barriers, and connect on a deeper level.

From Change Comes Possibilities.

It can be uncomfortable, but some of our biggest opportunities lie outside our comfort zone.

In today’s increasingly more diverse and competitive environment, Allan shows and teaches audiences how to turn strangers into fans and followers.

His three-step action plan helps leaders, team members, and employees make breakthrough connections and help them navigate our ever-changing world.

Navigating the Roads of Change

1. Be Open

When you are on a journey into unknown and often hostile territory, it’s critical to be open to all the possibilities and accept the fact you may need to change your itinerary. Then, embrace that change.

2. Stay Curious

Ignite your life and honor people and places by putting the power of wonder and questions to your advantage. 

3. Close The Gap

There are no strangers, only friends, customers, or team members you haven’t met. Narrow the distance between yourself and others by being astounding, doing astounding things, and honoring what’s astounding in everyone.

4. Find Adventure 

Stop fighting change. Take a step outside your comfort zone, toss your fears aside, and find Adventure in what you do daily.

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