Let’s Talk
Allan Karl weaves together themes of passion, risk, trust and endurance, all in pursuit of a common human need: connection.
I came away with great inspirations and a renewed perspective.
He was able to do more than simply keep our attention — he made us feel as if we were part of the journey.
Within the first 60 seconds, the audience is enraptured.
Allan has done some amazing things but brings that perspective back and show us the importance of trusting each other, confronting change, and seizing those moments with each other.
I was on the edge of my seat. He was very compelling and it was very relevant to what we’re going through in our organization as well as each of our jobs. He showed how important it is to take risks and go out against the status quo.
Allan was amazing. He took our whole sales team on a journey and rallied them. Showed them how to have a real passion for life. He tied his keynote beautifully with the senior living business.
He told real world stories that focused on people, and showed how to improvise, adapt and overcome.