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As I wandered the global and searched for meaning and truth, I cast the lens of my cameras on sights that inspired, motivated or provoked thought. With more than 50,000 photographs, you can imagine how tough it is to just share a few. So I’ve taken a handful of my photos from North America, South America, Africa and The Middle East and am happy to share with you a hint of what it’s like to travel around the world — alone on a motorcycle. Enjoy!

From the Colombian Jungle to the desolate expanse of Patagonia and onward to the grandest river in the world, South America is huge. I thought I would spend six months here, I stayed for more than a year. And I’m ready to go back!

The Wild Continent. From its southern most tip at Cape Agulhas in South Africa to nearly the top of the continent in Cairo, I was seduced by its wild nature, charmed by its culture and often saddened by its poverty. Africa never failed to stir my thrill for adventure and make my heart pound—even skip a beat.

I was told to avoid Syria. Travelers warned me I’d never get a visa. With confidence, tenacity and a little luck, I managed to convince officials to give this meandering motorcyclist a peak into its ancient cities. Then Jordan, Israel, Sinai, Jerusalem and the lands known to some as Palestine. Wow!

Sometimes there is nothing more rewarding than exploring your own backyard. From the Western United States to our neighbors north and south, I did find the wild west, wonderful people and my intense curiosity for connecting. The Yukon, Northwest Territory, Baja California and the southwestern deserts. One need not travel afar to discover beauty and diversity right here in my own backyard.

I share a handful of random images from the United States, many from my very own backyard here in California. Beauty is born every day and if you look around I’m confident you can cure your curiosity and discover adventure in your very own backyard. Just be open and be aware.


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