Ride With Allan. Be Inspired.

Entrepreneur, photographer, adventurer and marketing pro, Allan Karl founded a top-50 digital marketing agency. Then he traveled the world—alone on his motorcycle. “Stay curious,” he says, inspiring audiences to embrace change, face fear and step outside the comfort zone. Through captivating stories and inspiring photography, Allan motivates and moves audiences into action.

Failure Is Our Best Teacher. Fear Our Worst Enemy.

Why are we afraid? We all have fears that we must face. Fear paralyzes—holds us back. Warned not to visit Colombia, Sudan, Syria and elsewhere, Allan took a chance, accepted the risk and went anyway. Today he speaks all over the world sharing important discoveries and valuable lessons from his travels.Watch Allan Speak http://www.allankarl.com/gallery/video-clips-adventure-keynote-speaker-inspirational/#prettyPhoto

Stay Curious. Wonder. Ask Questions.

What's possible?

Success? Realizing your dreams? Doing something important? When we're curious we ask more questions. We see things differently. We realize more possibilities. Allan shows us how to keep our eyes and mind open. When we approach problems with curiosity, we reflect, innovate and improve—in every way possible.

Take Risks. Follow Your Intuition.

Allan was advised get his affairs together before leaving on his three-year journey. Friends and family urged him to update his will—afraid he wouldn't make it. But he did. Today he speaks about the lessons he learned. If we don't take risks, we will never realize possibilities. Listen to your intuition. Trust yourself. Trust others. Find opportunity.

See What's Possible.
Recognize Opportunity.

When opportunity knocks, most people complain about the noise. When we open up, change our perspective and make connections we will find enormous opportunity. Don't be afraid to take a chance and step outside your comfort zone. That's the only way you will realize all the possibilities.

The Beginning At The End of The Road.

“Even though I've had to cross bridges, ford rivers and travel some of the most harshest and most grueling roads on the planet, one of the most important lessons I learned is that at the end of every road, there's always a new beginning. Won't you ride along with me? I would love the opportunity to speak or give workshops to your company or organization.”

Trust Yourself.
Trust Others.

Allan crashed and crushed his leg in the middle of nowhere high in the Andes of Bolivia. No cell coverage, no internet and no telephone. Yet Allan managed to find help. He had to leave his motorcycle in Bolivia and return home for medical attention. Months later, he retrieved his bike and continued his journey—all possible because he trusted and connected with local people.

Bestselling author of FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection

Inspirational business keynote speaker Allan Karl's genre-bending book "FORKS" chronicles his journey through stories of culture and connection, photography, and food from each of the 35 countries he visited. Watch GMA Video

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Face global challenges. Expand your worldview.

See a world of possibilities. Embrace change. Overcome obstacles, move beyond boundaries and borders and into new territories.

Be Creative! Allan can use a number of creative themes and metaphors for customized programs to match the theme and creative production of meetings, conferences, seminars and conventions.
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Three Years. Five Continents. 35 Countries. 62,000 Miles. Alone On A Motorcycle.

Not Your Average, Everyday Speaker.

Allan inspires people to take chances, overcome fear, tackle obstacles, and smile—especially in the face of adversity. He knows that the road isn’t always easy, too. Allan spent nearly three years riding around the world, alone on a motorcycle. Along the way and high in the Bolivian Andes, Allan crashed and crushed his leg. But this didn’t stop him. He continued his journey ultimately logging more than 62,000 miles while traversing five continents and through 35 countries.

Will your audience and attendees remember your speaker? The next day? Next month? Next year?

There are plenty of good speakers available for your meeting. You need to ask if your audience and attendees will remember the speaker? There are only a handful of speakers that are truly memorable and deliver powerful messages that stand the test of time. With Allan’s incredible real-world stories involving ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, your audience will be talking about Allan and the truths and lessons he shares for years to come.

Better Value Means More R.O.I.

With flexible programs, and a genuine interest to roll up his sleeves and work with clients, customize programs and include value-added incentives, Allan delivers what planners, bureaus, CEO’s and most importantly, audiences want—value and return on speaker investment. There are a number of ways that Allan can help make your meeting and his keynote more powerful and memorable. He’ll work with you and develop a programs that will deliver measurable results.

Explore The Possibilities

Fresh, Original & Exciting.

How many overland global explorers have you met? How many traveled the world by motorcycle? You will find hundreds of speakers in virtually every category. Adventurers are unique. They push themselves to achieve seemingly unattainable goals. They are tenacious and innovative problems solvers. There are lots of mountain climbers, polar explorers, sailors, and competitive athletes. How about an entrepreneur riding around the world on a motorcycle? Allan shares the powerful gift of human connection—with people he met on his journey. And with your audience. Book him now before he gets too popular.

The Road To Success

To succeed in business and in personal life, one must continuously find creative and innovative ways to solve problems, see possibilities and take advantage of opportunities. Allan shares how he does it. Over and over again. Why not bring Allan to your next event?

My Personal Guarantee.
I want to be your next speaker. I bring my experience as a team leader, digital marketing guru and communications specialist to every engagement. If you are not completely satisfied with my performance, and I haven’t exceeded your expectations. I will return and do it all over again. And if necessary, again and again until I have exceeded your expectations. That’s a guarantee.”

Take a chance. Book Allan for your next event. He guarantees results. You see, on the road and at the helm of several successful businesses, keynote speaker Allan Karl has tackled and succeeded in overcoming nearly every type of challenge—the lessons he brings to audiences through his inspirational speaking apply to everyone—at home, at work and on the road. Even better, he’ll bring more than just inspiration. He’ll bring energy and enthusiasm that’s contagious. And that’s a great thing!

Allan’s motivational speeches combine fast paced humor with heart-stopping tales from his around the world motorcycle odyssey. Audiences laugh and are moved while they absorb lessons and hear touching stories of humanity.