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What’s The Secret To Connection?

 In today’s increasingly more diverse and competitive business environment, leaders must find common ground across the entire organization.

They must break down barriers and disarm conflict by connecting with people on a deeper level. This is how to create a more exciting, challenging, and rewarding environment.

Allan shows that leaders and teams can avoid boredom, burnout, stress, and churn through connection. Allan brings gripping stories from his travels across multiple cultures and languages in 80 countries on five continents.

“We acquired 14 companies—were growing like crazy.”

Allan founded a large and successful company. He shares adventure secrets from his experience in the C-suite and the open road. 

Everyone in the organization desires connection.

Leaders and teams must show respect for each other.  

Employees, customers, and partners need recognition for their job.

We must recognize and honor the value of each individual.

Leaders must encourage their teams consistently and with intention.

The Secret More Meaningful Connections

Allan shows and teaches audiences how to turn strangers into fans and followers. When you give people that “wow moment,” they are immediately interested, attracted, and eager to connect and join you.

This is just one way Allan shows audiences how to create immediate rapport and open hearts, minds, and doors. 

Making Breakthrough Connections

1. Be Open

When you are on a journey into unknown and often hostile territory, it’s critical to be open to all the possibilities and accept that you may need to change your plan. Then, embrace that change.

2. Stay Curious

Ignite your life and honor people and places by putting the power of wonder to your advantage. Ask questions and get people to open up to you, your ideas, and your business.

3. No Strangers. Only Friends.

There are no strangers, only friends, customers, or team members you haven’t met. Narrow the distance between yourself and others by being astounding, doing astounding things, and honoring what’s astounding in everyone.

4. Find Adventure 

Even though we are all unique and different, the truth is we share much more in common than our differences. So, stop focusing on the differences and find common ground. We all love Adventure, but we must go after it with intention. So, take a step outside your comfort zone, toss your fears aside, and find Adventure in what you do every day.

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