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For Events, Conferences, and Business — Connecting Is Trending

Its no secret that success in business, life, and love comes from strong connections and relationships. The best leaders and people in sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, product development, and engineering are successful because they know how to connect and communicate.

Likewise, brands and businesses build lifelong customers and evangelists only when they connect with people, communicate clearly, and deliver on promises. The need for personal connection and touch grows as technology and mobile devices improve our lives while invading our lives simultaneously.

Here are just five of many reasons why the need for human connection is so critical and why its trending as a business challenge and a critical topic for keynote speeches and group workshops.

1. Technology Can Disconnect Us from Each Other. 

In todays connected world, businesses, communities, municipalities, families, and friends have more ways to connect and communicate with each other and manage our lives. However, all this technology and remote connection can be confusing and overwhelming, contributing to complexity and losing balance in our personal and professional lives.

2. People Want to Connect on a Personal Level.

Its human nature to do business or have relationships with people and brands we like. No matter the features and benefits or the cost and performance, people want to surround themselves and have relationships with people with whom they feel connected. This connection leads to stronger relationships and better recommendations.

3. Noise Makes it Difficult to Attract and Retain Customers.

The data shows that we are bombarded daily with thousands of messages, notifications, and other distractions. We must focus on building connections and understanding our audience in order to break through the noise and be heard. Only then can we engage in effective communication and create meaningful relationships.

4. Device Dependency Disconnects and Drains Relationships.

Mobile devices have disrupted and destroyed relationships due to breakdowns in communication. We have forgotten how to connect and communicate on a personal, one-to-one, or personal basis. This disconnection makes us strive for stronger and more personal connections and relationships.

5. People Have Stopped Talking to Each Other.

As much as technology has enabled us to connect more, more people use it to avoid connecting. We let voice mail answer our phones, send texts instead of picking up the phone and talking and use e-mail or Facebook comments instead of taking a more personal approach.

When we pick up the phone and talk, put ink to paper, or meet face-to-face sans devices, we create stronger bonds, strengthen relationships and connect on a much deeper level.

This connection —and human touch—will lead to more joy and success. We must remind each other to pull our heads up and look at each other. Our personal lives and business relationships will benefit from the human touch.

Connecting is trending, and its one of the most significant challenges facing leaders today. Its essential for happiness and success in life and business. We all need to remind each other to pull our heads up and look at each other. Our personal lives and business relationships will benefit.