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For Events, Conferences, and Business — Connecting Is Trending

It’s no secret that success in business, life and love comes from strong connections and relationships. The best leaders and people in sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, product development and engineering are successful because they know how to connect and communicate.

Speakers who take to the platform to inspire, motivate, teach and share accomplish these goals only when they are able to connect with an audience. Likewise, brands and businesses build lifelong customers and evangelists when they connect with people and communicate and deliver on promises.

As technology and mobile devices continue to improve, and sometimes invade, our lives, the need for personal connection and touch is growing. This is the primary reason why CONNECTING is the hottest speaking topic and largest business challenge now.

1. We Live In A Connected World

Thanks to technology, today businesses, communities, municipalities, families and friends have more ways to connect and communicate with each other and manage our lives. So much, that all this technology and connection can be confusing and complicated.

We have an increasingly vast array of social networks to use and manage and connecting with our homes and businesses can be as easy as a click or swipe. We can remotely control our climate, kitchen, cars, cameras, cash, calendars and countless other facets of our lives.

How do we use and make sense of our connected world without it taking over and commanding control of our lives and relationships? We need to be efficient and maintain balance without becoming disconnected or overwhelmed.

2. Customers Want To Do Business With People They Like And Share Values

Despite what you might think—or want to believe, it’s human nature to do business or have relationships with people and brands we like. No matter the features and benefits or the cost and performance, people want to surround themselves and have relationships with people with whom they feel a connection.

Whether it is a business, brand, community, group or individual, the strongest relationships are those where people connect with each other on a deeper level. With that connection we feel more comfortable and genuinely are attracted to and enjoy it. When it comes to personal preferences in purchasing a product or service, we will buy something from someone who we like and who we feel shares our same values.

It’s those values and and personal preferences that grow from getting to know someone and communicating and connecting with them. With better connections come stronger relationships. When we like someone or something, we are more likely to make a recommendation and talk positively about them. In that way, making connections is essential for happiness and success in life and business.

3. There’s Too Much Noise—Making It Difficult To Attract & Retain Customer Relationships

Refer to whatever research you prefer, but the data will show that every day all of us are bombarded with thousands of messages and other distractions. Those messages that lack clarity or take too long will fail.
Yet what messages do you pay attention to? You will listen, read, watch and respond to messages sent from people and brands you connect with. In your business or personal life are you focused on building these connections? Are you getting to know your cusotmers and your friends on a deeper level and building strong relationships. That’s the only way you can break through the noise.

When we take the time to understand and get to know our audience, we have a greater chance to communicating and sending the right message. Get above the noise level and be heard is by connecting and understanding. At that point we can be open to engage in communication or conversation.

Without a connection, it’s all noise.

4. Device Dependency Is Disconnecting and Draining Relationships

Both personal and business connections and relationships have taken a back seat thanks to our mobile devices. So many of us are addicted and dependent on our smart phones, tablets and even fitness tracking devices or, soon, smart watches.

At restaurants, coffee shops and shopping centers, people hardly lift their eyes from their devices. Even when “good” friends are physically together for coffee or lunch, after the pleasantries are done, all eyes (and thumbs) avert to mobile devices.I know often these people are likely texting each other or reading each other’s Facebook updates.

Inasmuch as these devices may have connected us with our past or long lost friends and family, at the same time they have disrupted and destroyed relationships due to breakdown in communication.

The result is we forget how to connect and communicate on a personal, one-to-one or intimate basis. That’s why, today more than ever, people are striving for stronger and more personal connections and relationships.

We all need to be reminded that we need to pull our heads up and focus our eyes on each other. Our personal lives and business relationships will benefit.

5. People Have Stopped Talking To Each Other

As much as technology has enabled us to be more connected, more and more people use it to avoid connecting. We let voice mail answer our phones, send texts instead of picking up the phone and talking and use e-mail or Facebook comments instead of taking a more personal approach. Personal messages the truly touch someone are more powerful.

Sure, these tools help us be more productive and allow us to communicate, perhaps, especially when we are unable. But these tools also can hinder and disrupt communications and therefore create space and distance people making it difficult to have a relationship — business or personal.

When we pick up the phone, put ink to paper, or meet face-to-face sans devices, we build a stronger bond, strengthen relationships and connect on a much deeper level. This connection —and human touch—will lead to more joy and success.

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