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When it comes to leading a successful life in both personal and business, there is nothing that creates more value and brings more possibilities than a strong leader and innovative ideas. Too often, however, leaders fall into the rut of the day-to-day or their comfort zone, often unwilling to change or try anything new.

The better path to successful leadership is through increased innovation. Here are three keys to that success:

    1. Foster a culture of curiosity
      Stay curious. Don’t stymie idea generation or create a culture of fear. Encourage teams to ask why, try new things and challenge the status quo.
    1. Embrace & encourage change
      Make change the norm and be less impacted when it catches you by surprise. Move furniture around, take a different or way to work and ask your teams what they want changed.
  1. Take chances and accept risk
    Failure is an option and is often the best teacher. Approach every challenge with fresh eyes and be willing to try something new. When you take chances you will realize more possibilities. Innovate rather than stagnate.

We live in a era where the only way to compete for jobs and customers is to differentiate and stand out from the competition. The key to this lies in our ability to lead and innovate. When we include curiosity, change and risk-taking in strategic initiatives, we are positioned well above the competition and therefore are able to master the art of differentiation and succeed as an innovative leader.

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